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The debate over vaccinating your children has been raging for decades. 

The “mainstream” take on this debate is as follows; vaccines are extremely safe and effective at reducing illnesses and anyone questioning whether or not to vaccinate their children is selfish, misinformed, and a lunatic.  However, the “mainstream is not telling you the whole story.

Can you Sue Vaccine Manufacturers for Vaccine Related Injuries?

In 1986, the US Congress created the National Childhood Vaccine Act, which indemnified drug companies against litigation from injuries sustained from vaccinations. This act of congress was instituted after concluding that vaccinations, in general, were “UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE” and the drug companies needed protection from lawsuits in order to provide vaccines to the public

Was Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Villain or a Hero?

In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British gastroenterologist published the research article “Ileal-Lymphoid-Nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children” in the journal The Lancet. Dr. Wakefield was attempting to ascertain if there was any connection between MMR vaccines and autism. Dr. Wakefield’s paper set off a firestorm of controversy and a powerful attack against him. Dr. Wakefield was accused of falsifying his data, his article was “debunked”, and his license to practice medicine was revoked. Not surprisingly, the other 11 authors of this paper, agreed to retract their support for the paper and “admit” to the public that the paper was without merit. These authors were fearful that they too would be subjected to the same punishment and attacks as Dr. Wakefield.

Do Flu Shots Work?

The flu vaccine is made up of several strains of flu, which serves to activate your immune system so that you mount an immune system response and create antibodies against these specific flu strains. The goal is for your body to build these highly targeted antibodies so that when you are exposed to the flu, you will already have immunity against these strains of flu and you will not get sick.  However, one of the biggest problems with the flu is that it mutates every year. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies can only give their best guesses from the previous year as to which strains will be prevalent. Furthermore, each vaccine contains only a small percentage of the many possible flu strains that are circulating in your environment. Consequently, if you are exposed to one of the strains you were not vaccinated for, you will not be immunized against the flu. In fact, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the most recent flu vaccine (2014-2015 flu seasons) was only 19% effective in reducing your chances of getting the flu.

Do Newborn Infants Need to be Vaccinated Against “Adult” Diseases?

The CDC recommends that newborn infants be vaccinated for hepatitis b at birth. However, hepatitis b can only be transmitted through sexual relations or through a contaminated needle stick. This means the chances of a newborn getting hepatitis are zero. Why is the CDC recommending hepatitis b vaccines for newborn infants?

Should Children be Vaccinated Against “Childhood” Diseases like Chickenpox?

I had the chickenpox when I was a child and my brother and sister had the chickenpox as well, all at the same time. In fact, when I was a kid, families with young children would have chickenpox “parties” to insure that their children got the chickenpox when they were young enough. Why would a parent purposefully infect their small child with chickenpox? Your immune system is much more powerful when you are a child than when you reach adulthood.  Chickenpox as an adult can actually be life threatening (pneumonia and sepsis), yet getting chickenpox as a child is a mere nuisance (fever and an itchy rash). Once you get the chickenpox, you can never get it again, therefore, it makes sense to get chickenpox as a child and have lifetime immunity. What is going to happen to all of those kids that are getting the chickenpox vaccine, rather than the real disease? Are they going to have lifetime immunity against chickenpox? Are they at risk for getting chickenpox as an adult with disastrous consequences? Only time will tell.

Which Vaccines Should my Children Get?

Polio and Rubella are two viral illnesses that have been mostly eradicated as the result of vaccination programs. These two childhood diseases harmed countless children and could result in a lifetime of disabilities. However, the CDC recommends over 20 vaccinations between birth and age 15 months! This list includes measles; mumps, rotavirus, and chickenpox (relatively benign childhood viruses), hepatitis a, hepatitis b, and pneumococcal pneumonia (diseases rarely contracted in childhood), an annual flu shot, and a whole bunch more. You should discuss which vaccines are best for your child with a knowledgeable health care practitioner.

How do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by stimulating your immune system to create antibodies against various viruses and bacteria. The concept is that your immune system is better prepared to fight off these particular viruses and bacteria because your immune system will recognize them and kill them. However, many chronic degenerative diseases are the result of “autoimmunity” (and the resulting inflammation). There is some evidence that vaccines can over stimulate your immune system and contribute to you developing a chronic degenerative disease.

Do Vaccines Contain Toxins?

Vaccines contain preservatives and additives to maintain sterility and increase potency. One of the additives included to preserve some vaccines is called Thimerosal, which is a mercury based preservative used to prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi which could contaminate and compromise the vaccine. Mercury, if you are not aware is one of the most toxic substances on planet Earth. 

Mercury has been shown to cause a variety of serious health conditions such as brain damage, heart disease, autism, seizures, etc. Worse yet, once mercury gets into the tissues of your body, it can remain there for the rest of your life. Clearly, the less mercury exposure you have, the better off you are.  A slew of other toxic substances ranging from aluminum, formaldehyde, and antibiotics are also added to the various vaccines – for “safety reasons”. 

What are some Healthy and Natural Ways to Boost my Immunity?

The best way to prevent yourself from contracting communicable diseases and/or minimizing symptoms and sequelae is to become as healthy as possible. You can “boost your immunity” by following some basic principles of healthy living. First, you must eat properly. You want to consume foods that are as wholesome and non-processed as possible. When you eat fried foods, poisonous take out foods, sugary sweets, and other junk your body is working so hard to combat the stress from these toxins that your immunity is already compromised. Adhere to a diet full of fresh, minimally processed (organic is best) vegetables and meats and avoid sugar filled, fried, or preserved foods. Also, make sure to eat in a relaxed, nourishing, healthy environment, not “on the run” or in the car or while multitasking.  Second, you must get proper sleep on a regular basis; 7-8 hours each night in a darkened, quiet environment. Third, you must expose yourself to plenty of good old sunlight allowing this wonderful gift from the heavens to hit your skin or get into the optic nerves of your eyes. Lastly, keep your stress levels down, by not overworking, making time for relaxation and recreation and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, and moldy, damp and dirty environments. The best defense against communicable diseases and other illnesses is healthy living!

Are Herbal Remedies that Boost Immunity Safe and Effective?          

There are numerous herbal remedies available that can have an effect on your immune system. These herbs can actually increase various immune system activities. However, you must be careful. Your immune system is very complicated and very powerful. You may think you need a “boost” to your immunity when actually you may have parts of your immune system that are overactive while simultaneously; some parts of your immune system may be underactive. It is best to consult with an experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained health professional before trying to self medicate your immune system.
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