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Nutri-Spec is the name of an analytical system of clinical nutrition created by Dr Guy Schenker. Dr Schenker is a chiropractor, and an engineer. Dr Schenker studied the works of Dr Emanuel Revici, Dr Thomas Riddick, Dr George Watson, Dr Francis Pottenger, Dr Royal Lee, Dr George Crile, and many others. He then used his engineering background to calculate and quantify the relationships between the various homeostatic control mechanisms that the aforementioned doctors described. In 1989 Schenker published the first edition of his book, An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition. This book took 26 years of research to write.

Nutri-Spec takes the guess work out of nutritional supplementation. It allows the practitioner to make powerful changes to a patients’ biochemical balance through the use of objective parameters.

Dr Schenker writes

“..there is no patient whose health problem does not have a nutritional component. This is because there is no health problem that does not involve some form of metabolic imbalance. In other words, regardless of the ultimate cause of a patient’s suffering, pain or disease, once the condition has become symptomatic the symptoms expressed will respond to some degree to nutritional therapeutic intervention, if that intervention is able to intrude upon the metabolic imbalances associated with that patient’s symptoms. This makes nutrition a clinical tool with universal application and almost unlimited potential.”

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