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The lymph vessel system is responsible for carrying excess water, proteins and wastes from connective tissue back to the blood stream. The gentle, rhythmic, pumping movements direct the flow of  lymph in the skin to produce rapid results. During the transportation process it is cleaned, filtered and concentrated with many immune reactions occurring in the lymph nodes.

If the pathways become congested, blocked, damaged, or severed then the fluids can build up in the connective tissue causing edema, and eventually cell pathology may begin.

In Europe, M L D is a procedure recognized by many State health insurance plans and in Germany for example, it is the third most prescribed physical therapy technique. In South America, M L D is prescribed soon after every plastic surgery. The quicker the M L D is performed, the faster is the recovery time.

M L D has many diverse applications such as; Post-mastectomy lymphedema, migraines, sports injury, scar tissues, acne, rosecea, post-operative, plastic surgery, fribomyalgia and arthritis.  Regardless of the pathology, M L D is helping the body recover faster by stimulating lymph flow and the drainage mechanism.

MLD effect on cellulite Cellulite

The M L D treatment effect on cellulite is; through the circulation of the lymphatic system, the dermis and epidermis are oxygenated, fed, and drained the celluite begins to loosen and is then removed by the lymphatic system. Localized fat pockets are broken down, making the fat more easily absorbed by the lymphatic system and allowing it to be reduced.

M L D is a light, slow, continuous and soothing massage, it is recommended to do 10 to 20 series for the treatment, but you can get results even on the first session. M L D has an effect on the sympathetic nervous system and this makes the treatment very relaxing. Many patients fall asleep while M L D is being performed.

How much does the treatment  cost?

A series of 10 to 20 is recommended for better results and will be determined upon FREE EVALUATION.

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