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Welcome to MD Skincare

At MD Wellness Skincare, we offer a new approach to beauty and skincare.  Only when you understand your body’s internal health can you truly begin to care for your skin accordingly.  Our Medical Grade skincare products and treatments provide the most effective results possible.

Owned and operated by Delma Benvenuti, she dedicates her life to perfecting the art and science of skincare to provide the best results to her clients.  As a former model and actress, Delma’s skin had been her calling card and as a result, she has spent her life researching and learning the latest trends of the beauty industry.  With Delma’s help, you are sure to feel comfortable in your own skin.  After all, the best way to appreciate the skin you were born in is to take the best possible care of yourself.  You and your skin both deserve to glow inside and out!

Delma is a Licensed Skin Specialist specializing in:

  • Medical Chemical Peel Application
  • FacialRejuvenation
  • Microdermabrasion (Medical Grade)
  • Post Liposuction Treatment
  • VI Peel
"After having a 360 tummy tuck, Dr.Thompson recommended a lymphatic massage to make the skin smooth. After massage the area feels 100% better and after only 3 treatments I am seeing great results! More doctors should recommend this treatment!""It was an exceptional experience to have had Delma Rothman taking care of my skin! I was able to notice the difference after the second session ! I was very happy of how knowledgeable she was of her techniques and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have better both facial skin and firmness in their body. Amazing atmosphere! Thank you Delma for such a change in my skin!""Dear Delma, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! As you know, I came in a very bad shape and all achy. I find your name and your professional support has been all a real big bless for me. I am more than happy to express my gratitude to you, and your nice staff, their smiley faces welcome me for every time I'm here making my appointments and reminding calls. I love your soft music and environment. Very relaxing and altogether wellness and confidence." "Delma is very informative and professional; pleasure doing business. Highly recommended to my friends""I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction and great appreciation to Delma Rothman at MD Wellness, who offered me expert care for a number of sessions, assisting me to improve my health. Following a surgical procedure/liposuction, it was Delma Rothman who provided techniques and recommendations on how I could adjust to post-surgical needs. Her series of massage treatments truly relieved my pain, speed up my recovery and healing process. It is with positive thoughts that I offer my recommendation to other and future clients who would benefit from Delma Rothman's care.""After having a tummy tuck and liposuction performed, my surgeon recommended Delma from MD SKIN for my post-op lymphatic drainage massages. These post-op treatments relieved all the soreness, pins and needles, and numbness in my back and stomach. After a couple of weeks I started getting a hard mass at the injection site of my lipo. Delma used the untrasonic machine and got rid of that mass and relieved my pain. Delma has become a lifeline for me post-op. She is always willing to answer any questions I have and discuss all of my options. I count on her for more than my lymphatic massages; she also shares tips and ideas for a healthier lifestyle. Overall, I have had a great experience with Delma, and MD SKIN. The office is clean and everything is organized, making my post-op care so much easier!" "I love their lymphatic drainage massage. They really work! Superb job. Extremely satisfied!"
"I have been coming to Delma for about two months now. I had liposuction of the trunk and inner thighs and developed lumps. Delma has helped me achieve a better look. She uses a technique of massaging and sonogram machine. I feel very comfortable with Delma. She is very kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her."
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